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It takes special people to tackle a problem of this enormity. Driven by the impact plastic pollution has on our environment, this dedicated bunch joins an unwavering group of volunteers, ambassadors and zero pollution advocates to eradicate plastic pollution from our waterways.

Why do we do it? Because clean water is a right, not a privilege.

Andy Hornbuckle


As a father, Andy is committed to building a better future for his children – and that naturally includes clean water. First introduced to the effects of pollution, and in particular the impact of plastic, on our waterways through his association with SPEL Stormwater, Andy saw the opportunity to make a difference.

He founded Stormwater Shepherds in 2018 and plays an important role in its vision.

Jo Bradley

Director of Operations UK

Jo Bradley has worked on many aspects of water management during her 30-year career in the UK. She has worked in a clean-water laboratory, been a Trade Effluent Officer, overseen Drought Plan development and taken endless sewage samples. But her passion lies in pollution prevention & control and she was lead author on some of the Environment Agency’s Pollution Prevention Guidance notes, which were widely respected and applied. She focussed on topics including oil/water separator design & application, private sewage treatment systems and retail petrol filling stations.

But in the last decade, Jo’s attention has been on pollution from urban surfaces and roads. She managed a joint Environment Agency/Highways Agency project to prioritise the highway outfalls on the Strategic Road Network in terms of their pollution risk, and she has worked with design engineers to create effective treatment schemes for some of those priority outfalls. Jo is also determined to see good SuDS used extensively across England, with similar success to that in Scotland and Wales and she firmly believes that if they are designed properly, SuDS can be applied on every development.

Jo was delighted to join Stormwater Shepherds in September 2020 and she is intent on driving pollution control forward in the UK, faster than it has gone before, so that we can achieve zero-pollution in her lifetime and protect rivers & oceans and all the creatures that live within them.

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