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Stormwater runoff is a much greater contributor to the 50 trillion tons of microplastic that lies at the bottom of our oceans than most people realise.

And tragically, every 15 seconds, another 3 metric tons of plastic pollution is added to this burden, mainly carried by stormwater.

Your consumer choices and actions make a SIGNIFICANT difference to the health of our life-sustaining oceans and for all lifeforms that share our planet.

Your donation will help us take strategic action:

  • Fund pollution research projects
  • Purchase water-ways clean-up equipment
  • Deliver education presentations to high schools
  • Share community awareness programs
  • Advocate for community change and better-managed stormwater.

You can also help spread the word:

  • About 50 trillion tons of microplastic lie at the bottom of our oceans
  • Every square km of ocean has about 23,000 pieces of plastic litter
  • Every year around 8.3 million tonnes of plastic pollution ends up in our oceans
  • Over 100 thousand marine animals and 1 million sea birds die each year from ingesting plastic or entanglement
  • 80% of plastic pollution is from the land, most of it is conveyed by stormwater

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