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Meet our

Zero Pollution


Andy Hornbuckle (AU)

SPEL Stormwater

Stormwater Shepherds is Andy Hornbuckle’s brainchild; he is also the General Manager of SPEL Stormwater – a global manufacturer and importer of various internationally-proven stormwater treatment systems. During his decade tenure at SPEL, he has witnessed the urban catchment pollution entering the storm drains and making its way to the oceans and beaches via creeks and wetlands, lakes and rivers.

Andy has led SPEL Stormwater through a journey of innovation and revitalisation, starting from the Stormceptor and Puraceptor systems to capture and remove hydrocarbons through to ecological systems including Modular Bioretention and Floating Wetland systems. He has also initiated a series of field research and evaluation projects on SPEL Stormwater products to benefit the industry and environment with scientific data that is rigorous, transparent and independent.

Andy has a passion for Stormwater and Water Sensitive Urban Design. From his inspiration and passion, he founded Stormwater Shepherds to educate the public and raise awareness in the catchments at the pollution source.

Jo Bradley (UK)

Stormwater Shepherds

Jo Bradley has worked on many aspects of water management during her 30-year career in the UK. She has worked in a clean-water laboratory, been a Trade Effluent Officer, overseen Drought Plan development and taken endless sewage samples. But her passion lies in pollution prevention & control and she was lead author on some of the Environment Agency’s Pollution Prevention Guidance notes, which were widely respected and applied. She focussed on topics including oil/water separator design & application, private sewage treatment systems and retail petrol filling stations.

But in the last decade, Jo’s attention has been on pollution from urban surfaces and roads. She managed a joint Environment Agency/Highways Agency project to prioritise the highway outfalls on the Strategic Road Network in terms of their pollution risk, and she has worked with design engineers to create effective treatment schemes for some of those priority outfalls. Jo is also determined to see good SuDS used extensively across England, with similar success to that in Scotland and Wales and she firmly believes that if they are designed properly, SuDS can be applied on every development.

Jo was delighted to join Stormwater Shepherds in September 2020 and she is intent on driving pollution control forward in the UK, faster than it has gone before, so that we can achieve zero-pollution in her lifetime and protect rivers & oceans and all the creatures that live within them.

Andy Johnson (UK)


Andy is a Chartered Civil Engineer, specialising in Flood Risk and Drainage and is passionate about introducing sustainable drainage design into developments, enhancing the overall amenity, biodiversity, and quality of a site rather than just managing the water volume. He delivers a full flood risk and drainage design service from Pre-Planning to Construction and As-Built stage for major and minor schemes, promoting the use of innovative and sustainable solutions to site constraints.

He has acted as a consulting drainage officer for various councils. In this role, he has undertaken reviews of current planning applications and approves them for flood risk and drainage. He has also provided consulting advice and recommendations for Planning Enforcement Notices enacted by the Council. As part of this role, he has also been invited to several steering groups on the delivery of sustainable drainage in the UK and changes to Planning Policy.

Andy has also worked for both the Council and for the appellant on Planning Appeals and Public Inquiries, aiding as an expert witness and consultant, providing evidence and proofs to support the process.

He presents online and offline CPD sessions on all matters flood risk and drainage, including an accredited RICS presentation on the impact of flooding. He has also produced several articles on current sustainable drainage topics and had one piece published in the New Civil Engineer (NCE).

Andy is a reviewer for the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) and promotes the progression of new engineers and the option to be able to choose the ICE as a route to chartership if desired.


Paddy Hayes (UK)

SPEL Stormwater

Paddy is National Sales Consultant for SPEL Products and has been in the role for over six years. The work has covered a wide range of stormwater projects across the UK and Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. It involves engaging with top Engineering Companies, Contractors and End Clients. Paddy also runs the CPD and training sessions for Consultants and Contractors provided a wealth of experience in the industry and Pollution Control. Projects include Hinckley Point, HS2, Dubai Metro, various Data Centres, MOD facilities, and significant infrastructure projects.

Being passionate about stormwater quality, Paddy is delighted to be involved in Stormwater Shepherds coming to the UK where he is sure that its pillars of ‘Action, Education and Advocacy’ will gain support and make a difference at all levels.

Tara Kennedy (UK)

Patrick Parsons

Tara is a Marketing Manager at Patrick Parsons. Although she is relatively new to the technicalities behind the issues of stormwater management, she has always been passionate about the environment.

Introduced to Stormwater Shepherds by her colleague and fellow Ambassador, Andy Johnson, Tara has used her skills and enthusiasm to help increase press coverage of Stormwater shepherds in the UK, as well as taking part in activities in her local area.

As someone who is always looking for ways to do her bit for society, Tara is delighted to be an Ambassador and is looking forward to developing her contribution within the UK Ambassador team to produce a meaningful and tangible impact.

Rowan Byrne (UK)

Mott MacDonald

Rowan Byrne is an Irish Marine Biologist & Technical Expert – Maine Plastics Project lead with Mott MacDonald who is responsible for overseeing the Group response to the global plastics crisis and emerging pollutants in our Aquatic and Marine environments.


A successful marine biologist and Fellow of the Royal society of Biology with over 26 years proven environmental experience in marine conservation species and habitats, climate change mitigation and adaptation and sustainability strategies. As a keen innovator himself, Rowan’s focus is very much on legacy and how we can – and should – all work with a wide range of stakeholders and industry partners / governments to integrate environmental and social considerations into all our activities.


As founder and chair of the Mott MacDonald Plastics Working Group, Rowan is constantly collaborating on research projects with key UK stakeholders to identify and mitigate plastics in the environment. His work won him the Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment Sustainability Leader of the Year Award in 2020 and his management of the installation of two Seabins at Howth Harbour in Dublin in 2019 has received multiple media accolades. In his spare time he enjoys restoring classic cars and antiques and has worked with Johnny Depp on Pirates of the Caribbean in 2006 on both Pirates 2 & 3. Early next year one of Rowans photos of a Leatherback sea turtle (Dermochelys coriacea) hatchling will be immortalised on a US Postage stamp in support of these endangered species. 

Nora Balboni (UK)

McGregor Coxall

Nora is a Chartered Engineer and Chartered Water & Environmental Manager with expertise in SuDS, flood resilience, and water planning and design. In her current role as Associate Environmental Engineer at multi-disciplinary design studio McGregor Coxall she is responsible for crafting sustainable solutions to complex environmental and engineering challenges to develop well-designed spaces with a focus on nature-based solutions. She has developed a diversified skillset through working on private and public sector clients on a wide range of projects, ranging from detailed masterplans in the Middle East, rural and urban regeneration projects, to national road and rail schemes. She has also held strategic roles through secondments into the public sector and leading strategic flood risk assessments and flood investigations for local authorities.

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